Products & Services

At the core of our operation is our vision to be a world class oil and gas service provider; navigating complexity and unlocking potential.

Guided by an asset-light and know-how heavy approach, we offer our clients a spectrum of technologies, backed by dedicated teams eager to assist our clients in optimising oilfield efficiency.

Primary Offerings

DNeX Navi-Drill Ultra Series (Directional Drilling Motors)

DNeX AutoTrak G3 (Advanced Rotary Steerable System)

DNeX OnTrak (Integrated MWD and LWD Service)

DNeX LithoTrak (Density and Porosity Service)

COMPASS?(Well Trajectory Design Software)

WELLPLAN? (Bottomhole Assembly Engineering Analysis Software)

Electro-Trac? (Electromagnetic Measurement While Drilling)

Additional Offerings

  • SoundTrak (Acoustic Service) – TesTrak (Formation Testing Service)
  • FASTrak (Fluid Analysis, Sampling and Testing Service)
  • Seismic Trak (Seismic-While-Drilling)
  • MagTrak (Magnetic Resonance Service)
  • StarTrak (Magnietic Resonance Service)
  • AziTrak (Deep Azimuthal Resistivity)
  • ZoneTrak G (Near-bit Gamma Service)
  • ZoneTrak R (Near-bit Resistivity Service)
  • BCPM2 (High-Speed Mud Pulse Telemetry Service)
  • Navi-Drill X-treme Series (High-Performance Drilling Motors)
  • AutoTrak X-treme Series (Motor-Powered Rotary Steerable System)
  • Gauge Pro XPR Series (Concentric Expandable Reamer)
  • CoPilot (Real-time Drilling Optimisation Service)